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ESBI Informator is an online magazine that provides valuable insights and resources for individuals in four main categories: employees, self-employed individuals, business people, and investors. The magazine also offers opportunities for sponsors to post their content and advertise their services via articles, as a channel for content marketing.

Sponsors can post their articles and place banners in the online magazine for a certain fee. Additionally, sponsors can post vacancies on the job board, which is a valuable resource for individuals who are looking for new opportunities. By advertising their services and posting their content in ESBI Informator, sponsors can reach a highly targeted audience that is interested in career development, entrepreneurship, finance, and investing.

To get more information about sponsorship fees and opportunities, interested parties can email ESBI Informator directly. The magazine's team will be happy to provide more details and answer any questions that sponsors may have.

Overall, ESBI Informator provides a valuable platform for sponsors to reach a highly targeted audience and promote their services via articles and banners. With its focus on career development, entrepreneurship, finance, and investing, the magazine offers a unique opportunity for sponsors to connect with individuals who are interested in these topics. If you are interested in promoting your services and reaching a highly targeted audience, be sure to contact ESBI Informator for more information.