How constant work makes startups grow

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Wumi store presence

Endless Grind: Startup Success Story

Many startups decide to start small, first, by launching their products online, and later, by gaining a presence in stores. This is the example of Wumi, a Parisian feminine hygiene brand that only uses natural and sustainable ingredients, a brand that we designed a couple of years ago together with Apropos. After many good reviews, this year, Wumi has taken a big step, and is finally present in some pharmacies in Paris!!. It’s a moment to celebrate because we are very excited to see how every day, the constant work of Wumi, is giving it its well-deserved brand presence. If you are curious, you can find Wumi at Paris at the Grande Pharmacie Bastille, Les Douceurs d’Anita, and at La Grande Pharmacie de la Station à Asnières!! (And in Spain in the online beauty shop Laconicum!!)