David Cameron returns to politics

Happy David Cameron

It seems David Cameron's return to the cabinet has caused quite a stir. His comeback after seven years out of frontline politics is making headlines, especially due to the surprise nature of the appointment. There's a mix of reactions within the Conservative Party, with some expressing concern about this move.

Cameron's appointment as the foreign secretary has generated discussions and scepticism, particularly concerning his past involvement with Greensill Capital and the need for accountability given his position in the House of Lords instead of the Commons. The opposition parties, such as Labour and the Liberal Democrats, are critical of this decision, citing concerns about Cameron's ability to address current challenges, especially economic issues like inflation affecting people's daily lives.

However, some within the Conservative Party view his return as a valuable addition due to his experience and possibly see it as a move out of a sense of duty rather than personal ambition.

The return of other familiar faces, such as Andrea Leadsom, Damian Hinds, and Esther McVey, to government positions also adds to the intrigue surrounding this cabinet overhaul.